Aali Veena Kuthu-Waterfall-ali-Veena-Kuthu-aliveenakuthu-waterfall, Aali Veena Kuth

Aali veena kuth – Aali veena waterfall


Aali Veena Kuth – The waterfall is situated in the woods of Thalakode village located under Kothamangalam city in Ernakulam district. Thalakode village is near to Neriamangalam, and located at Kochi Dhanushkodi Road.

Read the story behind the name of waterfall, location and how to reach there below.

Aali Veena Kuthu Stream
Aali Veena Kuthu Stream

Aali veena waterfall – Location

Thalakode is 5km away from Kothamangalam Town and 5km to Neriamangalam, while travelling from Kochi to Munnar.

Aali Veena waterfall is a small waterfall in the forest hill area of Thalakode village. Stream is falling up from ‘Soochippara’ hills.

Aali Veena Kuthu Waterfall
Aali Veena Kuthu Waterfall

Story behind the Name – Aali veena kuth – Aali veena waterfall

There is a story behind the origin of name, Ali veena kuthu waterfall. Once an elephant driver (mahout) named Aali went forest with his elephant to bring bamboo.

When they pass through the hill ‘Soochippara’, both were slip down and died. After that incident, people mentioned the place, as Aali veena kuth (waterfall, where Aali has fallen).

Aali Veena Kuthu Waterfall_Thalakode_01
Aali Veena Kuthu Waterfall, Forest Stream

How to reach Aali Veena Waterfall

2 km walking distance from Thalakode to reach Aali veena kuthu waterfall. Walking through the Thalakode forest will be a wonderful experience to those who like trekking.

Aali Veena Kuthu Waterfall_Thalakode_02
Thalakode Forest – Aali Veena Kuthu Waterfall

How to Reach from Kochi?

Kothamangalam to Thalakkode 12.6 Km. To reach the waterfall, need to walk 2 km through the Thalakkode forest. The travelers who are interested in trekking can enjoy the trip to waterfall.

Nearest Airport

Cochin International Airport 35.6 Km

Nearest Railway Station

Aluva Railway Station 37.8 Km

Nearest Town


Aali veena kuth – Route map

Nearby Attractions – Aali veena kuth – Aali veena waterfall


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