Southern-Birdwing-(Troides-Minos)-Butterfly-Kerala-Official-State-Butterfly-of-Karnataka, butterflies kerala

Butterflies Kerala


Butterflies Kerala: Kerala in South India is a wonderful habitat for butterflies. There are nearly 400 species of butteries in Kerala.  The butterflies of Kerala vary in color, size and habit.

Butterfly Parks in Kerala

There are many butterflies in Kerala. Thumboormuzhi butterfly park located near Chalakkudy, Thrissur district is a well-known butterfly park and tourist spot in Kerala.

Another one is, Thenmala butterfly Safari Park, part of Thenmala Ecotourism, is located in Thenmala, Kollam district.

Butterfly Photos and Scientific Name of Butterflies of Kerala

Here are the Photos, Common and Scientific Name of common butterflies seen in Kerala.

All the photos attached here, under the title Butterflies Kerala, are exclusive and captured from various part of Kochi and Western Ghats.

List of Butterflies of Kerala

Blue-Mormon-(Papilio-polymnestor)-Butterfly-Kerala, butterflies kerala
Blue Mormon – Papilio polymnestor
Vindhyan-Bob-Butterfly-(Arnetta-Vindhiana)-Butterfly-Kerala, butterflies kerala
Vindhyan Bob Butterfly – Arnetta Vindhiana
Rustic-Butterfly-(Cupha-Erymanthis)-Butterfly-Kerala, butterflies kerala
Rustic Butterfly – Cupha Erymanthis
Psyche-(Leptosia-Nina)-Butterfly-Kerala, butterflies kerala
Psyche – Leptosia Nina
Lemon-Pansy-Butterfly-(Junonia-Lemonias)-Butterfly-Kerala, butterflies kerala
Lemon Pansy Butterfly – Junonia Lemonias
Great-Eggfly-Male-(Hypolimnas-Bolina)-Van-Chotta-Salabham-Butterfly-Kerala, butterflies kerala
Great Eggfly (Male) – Hypolimnas Bolina
Dark-Branded-Bushbrown-Butterfly-(Mycalesis-Mineus)-Butterfly-Kerala, butterflies kerala
Dark Branded Bushbrown – Mycalesis Mineus
Common-Palmfly-(Elymnias-Hypermnestra)-Butterfly-Kerala, butterflies kerala
Common Palmfly – Elymnias Hypermnestra
Common-Grass-Yellow-(Eurema-Hecabe)-Butterfly-Kerala, butterflies kerala
Common Grass Yellow – Eurema Hecabe
Common-Crow-(Euploea-core)-Arali-Salabham-Butterly-Kerala, butterflies kerala
Common Crow – Euploea Core
Common-Emigrant-(Catopsilia-Pomona)-Female, butterflies kerala
Common Emigrant (Female) – Catopsilia Pomona
Clipper-Butterfly(Parthenos-Sylvia)-Sahyadri-Clipper-Butterfly-Kerala, butterflies kerala
Clipper Butterfly – Parthenos Sylvia
Southern Bluebottle (Graphium Teredon) Ventral view
Southern Bluebottle (Graphium Teredon) Dorsal View
Papilio-Dravidarum-(Malabar-Raven)-List-of-Butterflies-of-Kerala-Butterfly-Kerala, butterflies kerala
Papilio Dravidarum (Malabar Raven)


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