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Simply, – ( DEstination KOCHI )– is a vlog, dedicated to everyone, those who love Travel, Photography and related subjects.

Kochi and Meaning of dekochi

Kochi is one of the most favorite tourist places in Kerala, South India. There are more than 30 globally recognized tourism destinations which is situated in and around the city of Kochi, and more than 200 destinations all over Kerala.

In Malayalam language the word ‘de’ is using to invite anyone’s attention to a point of matter. inviting world’s attention to the enchanting beauty of hues and views in Kerala. Yes, dekochi means ‘have a look at kochi’. Visit, find pics and texts, before you go or get somewhere or something.

Is de kochi Completely a Photography Website?

De kochi  sharing the spirit of lifestyle, culture, greenery of an area, that captured through the lens. Definitely, dekochi share the exclusive photographs of nature, culture, people, lifestyle and related subjects.

But sometimes, when hard to capture pics related to the subject, I use other’s photographs, and of course mention the courtesy.

What Else Can Find in This Website?

Malayalam articles, Malayalam short stories, exclusive videos, motion graphic contents, static graphic contents, informative articles, route maps, are also publishing in dekochi.

About Graphics and Videos

Static Graphics contents and designs includes, graphic design contents like greeting cards, photo manipulations and promotional graphics.

Exclusive video contents, includes both edited live motion footage, motion graphic videos, and photo videos based on various subjects.

All designs, videos and motion footage attached in the website is for helping the visitors to know more about the topic.

Who is Behind?

About me? I am Anoop Santhakumar, friends recognize me as a professional graphic designer and editor. They introduce me as a photographer too. yes, I am that one, who started this website with the great support of my friends.

Tech support

Abhilash Sivaraman, a programmer by profession and a technology addict with a passion towards browsing, great part of Intertoons Internet Services Pvt.Ltd., Kochi, Kerala India providing the technical support to

Your Views and Reviews

Dear visitors, not only just save the snaps on cloud for the world, but sharing the views and reviews of visitors. So please don’t forget to leave a comment, even its an emoji.


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Anoop Santhakumar

A graphic designer by profession, having found a hobby in photography, in this blog I share my Photographs, Designs, Videos along with a little information on it and Malayalam Short stories.