What is an eSIM?


An embedded SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is simply known as eSIM or embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC). As the name mentioned, eSIM is a non-replaceable embedded chip in a smart phone.

Non Removable SIM Card

An e SIM is non-removable and attached with other internal components of a smart phone or smart watch. As it is not a physical SIM card, it is not possible to remove the same from phone or the device.

Mobile Network and eSIM

E SIM needs to be supported by the network or carrier who providing the e sim compatible network and enabled by them. An e SIM is basically a small chip inside your phone and works in a similar way to the NFC chip inside your phone.

Benefits of an eSIM

How it is easy to Change the SIM data?

The information or the data on an e SIM is re writable. Which means the user can decide to change operator with a simple phone call. They’re really easy to add to a data plan – connecting devices with e SIMs to a mobile account can be done in minutes.

Size of the e SIM

One of the advantages of an e SIM is that it’s absolutely tiny, just a small fraction the size of a Nano SIM. And they’re only the size of a nail. This is what makes it so well-suited to ultra-compact gadgets like watches, which simply don’t have the room for a normal SIM.

Easy to Change the Service Provider

With such an embedded standard, the idea is that you can switch to a new operator without having to insert a specific SIM card. It’s all done through software.

Share your number with multiple device

One of the most interesting aspects of the Watch’s e SIM is that it’ll share your iPhone’s number. You can think of them as part of the same connection.


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