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India Drone Policy 2018 – How To Get Drone Pilot License in India

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India Drone Policy 2018

The Ministry of Civil Aviation, India has announced a policy and guidelines for drones (India Drone Policy 2018).  Indian Drone Regulations 1.0 to be in effect from 01 Dec 2018.

Definition and Use of Drones

Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) are commonly known as Drones. Drones are widely used for Commercial photography and videography, Mapping, Survey, Monitoring livestock by the farmers.

Categories of Drone

As per regulations, there are five categories of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) commonly known as drones.

  • Nano: Less than or equal to 250 grams.
  • Micro: From 250 grams to 2kg.
  • Small: From 2kg to 25kg.
  • Medium: From 25kg to 150kg.
  • Large: Greater than 150kg.

Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit (UAOP)

According to the Indian Drone Regulations 1.0, operators of civil drones will need to get a permit from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India (DGCA).

All RPAS except Nano to be registered and issued with Unique Identification Number (UIN). The DGCA has to issue the Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit (UAOP) within 7 working days provided all the documents are complete.

Validity of UAOP

This UAOP shall be valid for 5 years and not transferrable.

Eligibility and Age Limit for UAOP

Drone shall be flown only by someone over 18 years of age, having passed 10th exam in English, and undergone ground/ practical training as approved by DGCA.

How To Get Drone License in India

To Know more about Regulations and For application Form Visit HERE

Regulations for Civil Use of RPAS

Drone Regulations 1.0 are intended to enable visual line-of-sight daytime-only and a maximum of 400 ft. altitude operations. Air space has been divided into different zones

  • Red Zone (Flying Not Permitted)
  • Yellow Zone (Controlled Airspace)
  • Green Zone (Automatic Permission)

Eco-sensitive zones around National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries are off-limits without prior permission.

No Drone Zones

There are also specific regions around the country that have been marked as ‘No Drone Zones’. Drones are not allowed to operate within 5 km of distance of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad Airports. Other No Drone Zones are,

  • Around airports
  • Near international border
  • Strategic locations/Vital and Military installations
  • Within 2 km from perimeter of strategic locations
  • Within 3 km from radius of State Secretariat Complexes
  • Within 3 km of all Defense, civil airport zones
  • Within 3 km of vital installations notified by Ministry of Home Affairs

Those who violate the rules and regulations will be acted upon several sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Aircraft Act 1934.


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A graphic designer by profession, having found a hobby in photography, in this blog I share my photographs along with a little information on it.