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Kochi Metro Rail

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Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) is the first metro rail service in Kerala. The first phase of the Kochi Metro Rail, completed in record time. The Kochi metro project became the first metro in the country which connects rail, road and water transport facilities. The first phase is being set up at an estimated cost of ₹51.81 billion.

Kochi Metro Rail – Employees from the transgender community

Currently 23 transgender employees are working in Kochi Metro Rail. They were deployed in different sections, including housekeeping and ticket counters based on their qualifications.

This is for the first time a government – owned company in the state is providing bulk employment to members of the third gender. Kerala became the first state to formulate a transgender policy in 2015 and the policy aimed at ending the discrimination and bringing the third sex to the mainstream.

Kochi Metro Station – Solar roofing

Kochi Metro Rail – Solar power

Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) is installed solar panels on the rooftops of all stations and the buildings at the Muttom yard. KMRL producing a part of the electricity required to operate stations and offices through solar panels.

Kochi Metro – Kalamassery Station

Kochi Metro Stations

The first phase of the Metro train service is up to 11 stations between Aluva and Palarivattom. The second phase of Kochi Metro will connect Kochi with 25 stations from Aluva to Petta via MG Road.

The Second phase of Metro service is up to 6 stations and reaches  Maharaja’s College.

Currently metro service touches 21 stations, between Aluva and Thaikkoodam.

  1. Aluva
  2. Pulinchodu
  3. Companypady
  4. Ambattukavu
  5. Muttom
  6. Kalamassery
  7. Cochin University
  8. Pathadipalam
  9. Edapally
  10. Changampuzha Park
  11. Palarivattom
  12. JLN Stadium
  13. Kaloor
  14. Lissie
  15. MG Road
  16. Maharaja’s College
  17. Eranakulam South
  18. Kadavanthra
  19. Elamkulam
  20. Vyttila
  21. Thaikoodam


Kochi Metro Car – Interior

Kochi Metro Rail – Facilities & Safety

All Kochi Metro stations are elevated stations. Passengers can either climb the steps or reach the elevator while on the ticket counters and platforms. The display screens will show time of arrival and departure of trains. The instructions will be received as announcements.

Kochi-Metro-Rail-Train-Seats-Priority seats in Kochi metro
Kochi Metro Rail – Priority seats

There are two types of seats in Kochi metro. The Kochi Metro have priority seats for men and women who travel with small children and for older persons who are physically challenged. The color of these seats is lime green. The usual seats are blue.

Those who traveling in wheelchairs will be able to climb through the front door of the train operator, including wheelchairs. There is a special tactical system across stations for blinds. Passengers and carry bags will be examined before boarding the train. Stations and trains will be on camera surveillance all the time.

Kochi Metro Rail – Parking

11 stations on the Aluva – Palarivattom stretch have a parking space for 350 cars and 650 two – wheelers. However, this is insufficient to meet the demand from the commuters.

How to get ticket in Kochi Metro?

Kochi One Smart Prepaid Cards

Kochi One Smart Prepaid Cards (EMV chip smart card) are mainly used for easy travel in Kochi Metro. In future it can be used in buses and ferries, and even to pay commodity bills. Now the price of card is Rs.150 and is available in all metro stations by providing your details like phone number and date of birth. The first top-up will be for Rs 200. Further recharges can be done from Rs 100 on wards.

Kochi Metro Rail – Kochi One Smart Prepaid Card

Kochi One Smart Prepaid Cards are EMV chip smart cards and powered with the same technology fused in Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. The cards are issed in association with Axis Bank.

Kochi Metro Rail – Tickets

Those who do not have cards can purchase tickets from Metro counters. On entering Metro stations, you will have to reach Concourse level through which entry to platforms is available.

Each passenger has to use separate tickets for making entry into platform. Everyone should ensure that they have tickets with them till they get out from metro station as it is required for exit from metro station too.

Kochi Metro Rail – Train Timing

Kochi Metro is likely to available for every 7 minutes from 6 AM in the morning until 10 PM in the night.

Find timing of your train HERE

Kochi Metro Rail – Fare

The minimum fare for Kochi Metro is fixed at Rs.10 for first two km and the maximum fare would be Rs. 40 up to 13 Km (Aluva – Palarivattom). The minimum fare of ₹10 applies for the first 2 km, with rates increasing by ₹10 for subsequent fare zone. Following is the, Stations and Fare stages of Kochi Metro Rail.

Kochi Metro – Fare Chart

All fares given are in Indian Rupees. The ticket is valid for exit at destination station Automatic gate up to 90 minutes after the entry through Automatic Gate at origin station. In case of same station entry and exit, ticket is valid only for 20 minutes after entry through Automatic Gate.

Kochi Metro Rail – Muttom

Kochi Metro Rail – Seating

Seating capacity for a metro train is 136 travelers and total numbers of passengers who can travel in it including standing is 975 travelers.

Take care.

Do not cross the yellow line marked on the platform. This yellow line is a precaution to avoid speeding train accidents and not to fall off the track.

Kochi-Metro-Rail-Kochi metro train-Kochi-Metro-Car
Kochi Metro Rail – Pathadipalam Station

Kochi Metro Rail – Instruction for passengers.

Alcoholic passengers will not be allowed to travel in metro. Smoking is also banned in the metro stations. The metro will not be allowed to make any disrespect for other passengers. Passengers with big luggage are not allowed in the metro. The size of the bags should not exceed 60-45-25 centimeters. Inflammable commodities or fuels including Petrol, kerosene, and gas are not allowed in the metro.

  • Drunkards is not allowed to travel
  • No bad conversation
  • Do not eat food in the train
  • Do not chew chewing gums or pan / Gutka
  • Do not spit on the train or the premises
  • Use the earphone to listen to music
  • Do not interrupt the work of the Metro official
  • Keep the train and surroundings clean
  • Do not affix posters on the train or the premises
  • Do not write on the train or the premises
  • Keep the manners to leave seats for senior citizens and women
  • Do not touch the things seems without owners, and should be informed to the authorities
  • Keep queue for entering the train

To Know more about Kochi Metro Rail, visit HERE

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A graphic designer by profession, having found a hobby in photography, in this blog I share my Photographs, Designs, Videos along with a little information on it and Malayalam Short stories.

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