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Blog sharing the information of new technology and new products in the market. Simply, is a Photo Journal, publishing photo features and dedicated to everyone, those who love Travel, Explore, Photography and related subjects. Blog, dekochi primarily sharing the spirit of lifestyle, culture, greenery of an area, that captured through the lens.

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Blog, dekochi share the exclusive photographs of people, nature, culture, lifestyle and related subjects. People-of-Kerala is only one of the category that attached in the wide content of photography blog.



Bhoothathankettu Tourism – A Scenic Dam Site With Boating Facilities –...

Bhoothathankettu Bhoothathankettu, a scenic dam site with boating facilities is situated in a vast virgin forest and tourist spot in Kerala, India. It is situated...
Kanikkonna-Flower for Vishu Festival - Kerala-Golden-Rain-Flower-Cassia-fistula-Flowers, Flowers Kerala

Flowers of Kerala